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1/10 TEN-SCT Nitro 4WD RTR

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The 4WD TEN-SCT� truck has an amazing pedigree. It's based on the performance-driven TEN-T� platform and ROAR National Champion TEN-SCTE. The same painstaking engineering that dreamed up the TEN-T vehicle went into the creation of the TEN-SCT truck. The same aluminum chassis, race-tested suspension and superb handling characteristics have found a home in this no-holds-barred nitro version. Ready-To-Run, the TEN-SCT truck has the heart of a warrior and the chops to tear up any track.

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Chassis Call-Out

Chassis Callouts
  1. Durable, anodized aluminum TEN chassis
  2. Aluminum, adjustable, oil-filled, coil-over shocks
  3. 3.4 nitro engine
  4. Performance tuned pipe
  5. Spektrum� SR300 receiver with 2.4GHz DSM� technology
  6. Watertight, optimized Gen III radio tray
  7. Three sealable differentials
  8. Innovative air canister for water-resistant performance
  9. Digital, high-torque waterproof steering servo
  10. 12mm wheel hexes
  11. Exclusive Losi� Eclipse&trade SCT tread pattern
  12. Off-road beadlock-style wheels
  13. Realistic SC bumpers with mud flaps
  14. 4mm adjustable turnbuckles with captured ends
  15. Captured hinge pins
  16. Battery7.4V 1000mAh LiPo receiver pack and charger


R.O.S.S. Remote Onboard Starting System

Fire up the engine with the push of a button on the included DX2L transmitter. Forget glow igniters and pull starting. The TEN-SCT� truck is equipped with the Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.). With the push of a single button on the included Spektrum� DX2L transmitter, the glow plug is heated and electric starter engaged for instantaneous hands-free startingno glow driver, no handheld and no more pull starting.

Mid and Rear Motor Mounting Options

Waterproof Electronics

Thanks to waterproof servos and a tightly sealed radio box, you won't have a problem driving in various weather conditions.

High-Performance Body

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Remote Onboard Starting System (R.O.S.S.™)
  2. Waterproof electronics
  3. Spektrum™ DX2L transmitter
  4. 3.4 nitro engine performance-tuned pipe
  5. Aluminum threaded big bore shocks
  6. Durable, anodized aluminum TEN-T chassis
  7. 3.4 nitro engine
  8. Performance-tuned pipe
  9. Spektrum SR300 receiver with 2.4GHz DSM
  10. Watertight, optimized Gen III radio tray
  11. Three sealable differentials
  12. Simple-adjust motor mount
  13. Digital, high-torque waterproof steering servo
  14. 12mm wheel hexes
  15. Losi exclusive Eclipse™ SCT tread pattern
  16. Off-road beadlock-style wheels
  17. Realistic SC bumpers with mud flaps
  18. 4mm adjustable turnbuckles with captured ends
  19. Captured hinge pins
  20. 7.4V 1000mAh LiPo receiver pack and charger

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Product Specifications

4WD Nitro Short Course Truck
21.34 in (524mm)
11.65 in (295.8mm)
13.15 in (334mm)
6.75lb (3.06 kg)
Anodized Aluminum
4-wheel independent long-travel
Motor or Engine:
Losi 3.4cc
Spektrum DX2L
Shock Type:
Fuel Tank Capacity:

Needed to Complete

- 20–30% Nitro Fuel
- Fuel Bottle



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