TLR Locking Glow Igniter and Charger Combo
TLR Tire Glue, Thin
TLR Shock Oil

Hi Performance Body Precut: SCT

[ TLR8061 ]

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Designed and tested for high performance handling
  2. Specially designed air outlets reduce the "parachute effect" by directing the flow of air outward, providing improved jumping and air handling characteristics
  3. High downforce design for improved corner speed, stability, and improved drivability
  4. Pre-cut eliminating the need for the tedious and time consuming process to be done by hand
  5. .040" Lexan for improved reliability and durability
  6. Precut Window Masks
  7. Covered by a thin film that prevents over-spray from effecting the outside of the body
  8. TLR, grill, and tail light sticker sheet included
  9. Clear body, requires painting


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