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Hi Performance Body Set, Clear: 22SCT/ 2.0/ SCTE

[ TLR8060 ]

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. ROAR approved
  2. Fits all Losi 1/10-scale Short Course Trucks
  3. Designed and tested specifically for Short Course racing by channeling and directing air from under the body to release from optimized air outlets providing improved jumping and air handling characteristics
  4. Additional down force has been incorporated into the design to allow for improved corner speed, stability, and improved drivability
  5. Constructed of durable .040 in. Lexan to be thicker than a standard SCT body to improve reliability and durability
  6. Includes precut window masks simplify the painting process by eliminating the need to cut your own masking tape for the windows
  7. Sticker Sheet Included - grill, and tail light sticker sheet included
  8. Body requires air outlet slots to be opened and basic trimming




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