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22 3.0 Dirt Laydown Transmission Conversion Kit

[ TLR338005 ]

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Chassis Call-Out

  1. Converts the 22 3.0 into a highly tuned buggy for medium to high grip dirt surfaces.
  2. “Dirt” Laydown Tranny Included.
  3. Used to win the 2016 ROAR Nationals in Modified Buggy.
  4. Specific chassis for high traction with minimum pocketing for reduced flex.
  5. Included chassis will also fit the 3.0 standard transmission setup.
  6. Transmission cases are precision machined from high quality delrin for perfect fit and finish.
  7. Lightweight carbon-fiber battery strap with aluminum mount.
  8. Aluminum idler gear for ultimate reliability.
  9. Milled motor plate and aluminum motor plate to chassis brace included.
  10. A modified 22 3.0 body designed to fit the laydown is made from 0.7mm polycarbonate lowers the center of gravity and is more durable than the ULW bodies.
  11. A 25g brass plate is also included, and fits under the battery pack to increase vehicle weight.
  12. All hardware and instructions included, no additional parts, or part modifications necessary