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7/11/2012 by Gary Katzer

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     The nitro 4WD short course truck class has had its fair share of challenges over the years ,causing  it to not catch on as well as possible. Some of the nitro trucks are based on larger 1/8-scale buggies and truggies, meaning they don't share parts or tires with any other platform. Other 1/10-scale based trucks have the scale appeal and can utilize 1/10-scale SCT wheels and tires; however, they simply don't drive all that well. What's been missing is a nitro vehicle that combines the best of electric short course trucks with the power, sound and runtimes of nitro. Team Losi Racing™ has answered the call with a new, nitro-powered TEN-SCT™ 4WD RTR truck, and it looks to be outstanding.

     Four-wheel drive short course trucks provide massive power, incredible traction and tremendous handling. The TEN-SCTE has been one of the most dominant electric-powered 4WD SCTs since its debut, thanks in large part to its nitro heritage that dates back to the original TEN-T. While it has been possible to convert the TEN-SCTE to nitro few have done this due to the cost associated with making the switch. The TEN-SCT combines the proven TEN-SCTE chassis and suspension with a potent 3.4cc engine. The TEN-SCT also includes a new radio tray featuring a forward-mounted throttle servo, similar to the Gen III radio tray for the 8IGHT™ buggy and 8IGHT-T™ truggy.

     To get the TEN-SCT up and running quickly and easily, the engineers over at Team Losi Racing have also included their R.O.S.S. (Remote Onboard Starting System), which will allow you to get the engine on the TEN-SCT up and running at the push of a button. Speaking of the touch of a button, the TEN-SCT also marks the debut of the all-new Spektrum™ DX2L transmitter in the DX2L. Cram-packed with features, the DX2L is well suited for this application. It provides control to all-new servos that are now waterproof, as is the rest of the electronics package in the TEN-SCT.

     Team Losi Racing product manager Ryan Dunford has long had a passion for the TEN-based vehicles, including the original TEN-T, the 810 and the TEN-SCTE. Ryan joined us to discuss the new TEN-SCT features, including the new DX2L transmitter, the R.O.S.S. technology, the new waterproof electronics and more. We're sure you'll agree that the TEN-SCT is a class-defining truck, one which could truly become the standard in 4WD nitro short course trucks.